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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus ( S7500 ) officially gets Jelly bean Android 4.1

Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus to get Jelly bean 4.1 officially, very soon .

Galaxy Ace Plus S7500

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Very good news to Galaxy Ace Plus users, Samsung has confirmed the Jelly bean Android 4.1 update to your device.
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The Galaxy Ace Plus S7500, a good mid level handset will finally get an update to its Gingerbread 2.3 operating system to a direct Jelly bean 4.1 instead of the older operating system Ice cream sandwich 4.0 .

With HTC & Sony selling out their latest phones with Ice cream sandwich 4.0 , Samsung has decided that it will not let its customers down and has confirmed a Jelly Bean Android 4.1 update to the solid Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus. So those heading out to buy an Ace Plus need not worry, as the word is out that it will soon be getting the update. Samsung always gives a good bang.

Yes the green signal has been given, very soon Samsung is gonna roll out Jelly bean 4.1 to a number of its devices both old and new.

Why Jelly bean 4.1 ?
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  1. when will it be available? i really freaking now......

  2. By December end hopefully but not fixed, no date has been given, I'm sure Samsung will do its best for its customers.

  3. the huawei ascend g300 (with the same chip set)had serious problems with the jelly bean upgrade it screwed the phone up and broke the camera too i hope the jb update is going to be worth the money i paid for the phone as not everyone can afford the newest high end phones

  4. casper9000, you must have updated it unofficially using custom rom. Wait for the official update for Galaxy Ace Plus, Im sure you wont face such a problem.

  5. please tell when ace plus get 4.1 jelly bean?? please fast

  6. when jellybean for ace plus release

  7. Até agora nada pra mim! alguém aí ja conseguiu atualizar o seu Ace plus?
    A SAMSUNG está demorando...

  8. when Jelly Bean OS will available for samsung galaxy ace plus GT-S7500.

  9. I think next year or in 2020
    I do not think I have patience until then
    will see

  10. Update is confirmed ... however i dont know whats taking Samsung so long .

  11. Where to download the update ?

  12. Im very sorry, cant tell you'll any good news or bad news because Samsung has not said anything more on this till date.
    They have not denied an update and neither have they given any date,
    so you have to wait for an official update.

    Meanwhile you can try Jellybean Custom Roms if you really want a Jellybean experience that badly... it doesn't cause any harm, but you have to do it accurately to get the installation right.

  13. I already use JellyBean 4.2.2 on my Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus GT-S7500 and it awesome .Root your fon ,don't afraid..My Fon ,My Rules..

  14. Wikipedia shows us that the update was confirmed, but it was never out.

    Some users are signing a petition to Samsung regarding the update, check it out if you're interested.

    I wouldn't support such a thing, but if you're really in need of the official Jellybean then you can consider giving it a try.