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Friday, 28 September 2012

Unique Android phones : ADzero Bamboo Android Smartphone

    The Bamboo Body Unique Android phone !!


You haven't heard about this anywhere so here's where you get to know !
This phone, has a complete bamboo body and yes that pretty much unique for a phone. The company  " ADzero " has come out with a fancy phone for those who are looking for the unique in their phone. The bamboo will also contribute to keeping the phone light weight. Reports say that it could weigh almost half as much as the      Iphone 4S. 

                                                                               Best part is that this phone will be powered with Android OS 4.0 .



The capacitive touch buttons are well visible below the screen.
Unique smooth and polished bamboo finish adds to the charm of the phone.
The Large screen with capacitive touch controls along with the cool bamboo body makes this phone suited for pure style with brains coz of the Android OS 4.0 .


                                           Rich back finish of the phones !

- ADzero will run ADAOS on Android 4.0 which will deliver a unique interface      and experience in line with the AD design language.

- The specifications of the ADzero are not yet confirmed, but the company is looking forward to making it a high end phone.

- The ADzero is still in development and will be available at the end of 4th quarter Q4 2012 or early 2013.

- Initially the phone will be available only in UK .

- Check back later for more updates.

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