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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Unbrick Galaxy Ace

Unbrick Samsung Galaxy Ace GT - S5830i
If you own a Galaxy Ace GT - S5830 Do not proceed at any cost as both the models are different and it will harm your phone.
The Stock Rom works like a charm, please save it carefully for future use.

Warning ! Proceed at your own risk, I am not responsible for any kind of damage caused to your phone. 
The stock ROM of Galaxy Ace GT - S5830i doesn't belong to me, it belongs to the respective owner who compiled it. All credits to the person who compiled the Ace GT - S5830i ROM. I am just giving a simple tutorial and re-posting the GT - S5830i ROM here as it is very difficult to find the correct working stock ROM.

Note: Your phone should have a minimum 85% of Battery before you start the operation.

Galaxy Ace GT S5830i
  • If you have accidentally flashed the wrong ROM for your Galaxy Ace GT S5830i and want to revert back to the stock ROM this is simplest way to get your phone back its original condition. 
  • This tutorial will also help you if your phone is bricked i.e. unable to get past the Samsung logo upon switching it on etc. 
  • After a lot of research I found this as the most simplest way to do it.
  • I have put all the files you need in one place, so you don't have to go hunting and download it from multiple sites.

If your phone isn't starting at all, just follow the steps strictly in the exact sequence

Follow the steps below : 
1) Install the usb drivers of your phone in the PC, or you can simply install the Kies software from Samsung.
2) Download and extract all the files from here in one place using Winrar or any other software.

The rar file will consist of the following files :
  • Odin
  • Readme
  • S5830iXXKL1____********
3) Extract the " S5830iXXKL1____******** " file in the same folder, password is in the Readme.
You should get the following files :
  • BOOT_S5830iXX *******
  • DefaultCalDataWithBoot_S5830i******
  • GT-S5830i-MULTI-CS*****
  • MODEM_S5830iX*******
  • PDA_S5830iX******  
4) Now you have all that you need, no more downloading required.
Lets proceed to get your phone fixed.

5) Open Odin and run as Administrator.

6) Insert the following files in Odin very carefully.
Use the Readme file if you have any doubt .

7) Open your phone in Download mode.
  • Make sure your phone is not connected to the PC.
  • Now open your 5830i in download mode by doing the following:
  • Press Volume Up and Volume Down and then the Power key all together.
  • Now connect  your phone to the PC via USB.
  • If your phone is connected properly it will display as below

8) Now click on Start to begin the flashing.
9) If the Flashing is successful it will display as below.
10) Your 5830i should restart automatically and have a normal startup otherwise power it on yourself if there is complete in-activity.
Don't forget to Select your language at startup !

Congrats ! you have Unbricked and fixed your Samsung Galaxy Ace 5830i with the Stock Firmware.


  1. i am not able to start the download mode or recovery mode it is showing only the logo. help plz...

  2. You dont need to go into Recovery mode at all.

    For Galaxy Ace 5830i do the following in exact order to get into Download mode.

    Press the buttons in this order : Volume Up , Down and Power ... all Together .. hold them together in exact order till the download mode starts.

    thats it

  3. My phone starts but don't get the download mode and screen remains blank. there is no samsung logo occurs...
    plz help me

    1. does the screen light up and remain blank from the moment you press the power button ?

  4. My problem is the same as gautam marwaha , any solution?