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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III : Wireless Charging Kit Coming Soon!


"People who are all set to buy the S III have another reason as to why they should go ahead and buy it."



Wireless Charging Kit for Samsung Galaxy S III !!

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-This is really going to give Galaxy S III users the loyalty of charging their phone wirelessly. No more tangles ! 

-The wireless charging kit will look somewhat like the kit displayed in the image. The phone kit is said to feature a new battery cover and a desktop cradle.  

-The charging kit is said to release anytime near this September 2012.  

-This new enhancement will take the world of mobile phones a step further.

-Another phone capable with this feature is Nokia Lumia 800. Using a Touchstone Wireless Charging Dock , wireless charging can be done on the Lumia 800. 

-But the Lumia 800 needs to be modified by opening up the body and removing some metal from the phones case, which is a complex procedure.

-We therefore wait for Samsung to get the job done by using better technology !!

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